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During my toddlers’ nap time, I sketched our egg beater on a whim. My version looked askew, off-beat. The can opener, watering can, petunias and ironing board also danced onto the page. Drawings became linoleum cuts, which were warmed in the oven and clamped onto the kitchen table. The following decades, I continued art work in the kitchen amidst family hubbub.

Meditating on the blank page surprises me with whimsical images and helps balance life’s complex, perplexing issues. Now that I’ve retired from teaching special education, attention to color, design and texture touches everything: paintings, fabric-wrapped sculptural dolls, garden art, food art, door frames, bath tubs, dust pans, ceilings.

Writing Bio:

A life-long compulsion to record started when my father, a newspaper editor, encouraged my 3rd grade family newspaper. Hand-printed with alphabet stamps pressed one-by-one onto two-column pages, this publication sparked interest in writing and the art of printing. Diaries–starting with 5th grade blather–led to more disciplined and creative efforts. When troubled, I must write my way through insomnia.

After my husband, Jim, and I lost almost everything in the Southern California 2003 Grand Prix wild fire, I kept in touch with our community by reporting on our new life without shelter in the wild lands of Northern California. Wild Plum Cafe combines those letters with stories, poems and art.

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